Sell to Select Breakers

what do we buy?

What do we buy?

  • New and Used Equipment
  • Circuit Breakers
    • All frame sizes, amps, voltages, and brands
  • Panelboard Switches
    • (Please include the mounting hardware!)
  • Bus Plugs
  • Switchgear
    • Draw-out, Fixed Mount
    • Manually Operated, Electrically Operated
    • Racking mechanisms, Cradles, Cranking Handles

how does it work?

  • You can email us a list of items you have for sale.
    • Email address:
    • Please include pictures and quantities so we can give you the most competitive offer.
    • If you have a price in mind that you want for your equipment let us know. Usually we know right away if we’ll be able to come to an agreement.
  • Once we agree on a price, we’ll send instructions on how to package and where to ship. Within a day or two of receiving the equipment we'll send you our payment by check or by Paypal.